Carbon Fiber Packing

  • Carbon Fiber Packing

    Carbon Fiber Packing

    Kaxite P500I -- Carbon Fiber Packing Reinforced with Inconel Wire Reinforced with inconel wire to provides increase mechanical strength, usually for static.Typical Application > Used for stuffing boxes of puRead More

  • Carbonized Fiber Packing With Graphite

    Carbonized Fiber Packing With Graphite

    Description:Carbonized fiber packing with PTFE dispersion containing graphite particles. PTFE and Graphite makes the packing have excellent self lubrication.Kaxite P502IG -- Carbonized Fiber Packing ReinforcedRead More

  • Carbonized Fiber Packing

    Carbonized Fiber Packing

    Carbonized fiber packing is braided from carbonized fiber yarns, impregnated with PTFE dispersion. It is inert to almost all corrosive chemicals. It can replace PTFE asbestos packing within wide service range.Read More

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