Vegetable Fiber Packing

  • Ramie Packing With Graphite

    Ramie Packing With Graphite

    Typical Application > The medium hard packing which is lubricated and graphited throughout. > Extremely low frictional characteristics where minimum shaft wear is essential > Handling cold water, brineRead More

  • Ramie Fiber Packing

    Ramie Fiber Packing

    Kaxite P700R �C Ramie packing with silicone rubber core Rubber core can absorb vibration, to control leakage, suitable for worn-out pumps. Typical Application > For pumps, refiners, filters and vRead More

  • Flax Packing With Grease

    Flax Packing With Grease

    Typical Application >For pumps, refiners, filters and valves in the brewing and beverage industry, shipbuilding and other fields >Especially resistant to abrasive media in the paper industry.Prime FeatureRead More

  • Cotton Fiber Packing With Grease

    Cotton Fiber Packing With Grease

    Typical Application > An economical universal packing, suitable for rotating and reciprocating pumps, valves, agitators etc > Water, sea-water, alcohol, etcPrime Features > Low maintenance, easy to coRead More

  • Cotton Fiber Packing With Graphite

    Cotton Fiber Packing With Graphite

    Kaxite P704P -- Cotton packing with PTFE impregnation Made from long cotton fiber yarn impregnated with PTFE and additives. Has low coefficient of friction and resilient and flexible.Typical Application > UnRead More

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